Dear Parents

May is a very special month for our Preschool children. We are talking about different kinds of stores and what we can buy there. We will also learn about different animals and their habitats. Children will plant a garden and watch caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. We will be playing with water, soil, paint and glue so we will get messy.
Important Dates:

Friday, May 4 A.M.-No school
P.M.-No School
3rd- 1:45-4:15
May 7 , 8,9,10 – No school for Preschoolers. 2012-2013 Registration

Friday, May 11- P.M.-8:00-10:30
A.M-No school
3rd- 1:45-4:15
Monday, May 14- Number 16. Bring 16 objects to school

Wednesday , May 16 –White Day . Children should wear something white. They should bring white treats to share with 21 students in the AM and 20 students in the PM. and 3rd shift .NO MARSHMALLOWS please

Thursday, May17- Book Order Due

Friday, May 18 –A.M.-8 :00-10:30
P.M.-No school
3rd- 1:45-4:15

Monday, May 21 –ZOO Trip.
We are going to the Lincoln Park ZOO. All children will come to school at 8:45. Dress for the weather. The children do not need their school backpacks. Children need to bring lunch in a plastic bag with their name on it. No lunch boxes, glass bottles and containers. We will be throwing everything out after we finish. Dismissal will be at 1:30
Tuesday, May 22- – Letter D Bring 1 object that starts with the letter D

Friday, May 25 – No school for A.M
P.M -8:00-10:30
3rd shift -1:45-4:15 .
Monday, May 28- No school

Tuesday, May 29-Number 19. Bring 19 objects to school.